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Diy Loft Conversion by Loft Conversions Worthing

If you're wanting extra space in your property then, depending on your roof structure, a loft conversion from Loft Conversions Worthing could be the project for you. Whilst it is possible to attempt a DIY conversion, with expert help for some of the trickier aspects, the large amount of work involved often results in many people choosing to contract a specialist loft conversion company like Loft Conversions Worthing to undertake the task. Extensions normally increase the heat load requirement of a house and so the boiler has to be upgraded, but a loft conversion may require little extra capacity as the space will be well insulated and can actually improve the overall energy efficiency of the house.

Loft Conversions Worthing Will Need To Ensure Saftey During Work Carried Out

For each designed load you intend to place on an existing floor, a calculation will need to be made to prove that the floor is capable of withstanding it.

Before going too far into planning your loft conversion project, we suggest you carry out a brief survey that checks things like access, fire safety and mains access. After a loft conversion your roof will have to cope with significantly different loadings so it's important to get it right.

Types Of Worthing, West Sussex Loft Conversions

Internal loft conversions are usually the cheapest option and require minimum building intervention. Some types of conversion will only work on detached or semi-detached houses, as they require a free sloping side roof.

Full removal and build loft conversions will give you the most flexibility but they are the most complex and generally have the highest costs. The average dormer loft conversion from Loft Conversions Worthing that comes with a double bedroom and en suite costs about £35,000 – £45,000.

Worthing, West Sussex Loft Conversions

Contact us for a simple guide about how to build a loft conversion. We suggest that you appoint a specialist loft conversion company like Loft Conversions Worthing before you even start your project.

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